Deluxe Childbirth Services

By | August 8, 2022

March 12th 2009, a frightened and clueless first time mom boarded the plane from Lagos Nigeria to Houston Texas to have her baby; a decision she had made a few weeks earlier after been traumatized by the uncaring treatment meted out to a woman in labour by the nurse at one of the top hospitals in her home country.Armed with little or no information and zero preparation, the journey that has now led to the birth of Deluxe Childbirth Services began. Though she was almost denied entry into the US, four months later, she returned home to Lagos; the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, a whopping $10,000 lighter but with a deep desire to have all her babies in the US at more affordable costs.

Today, she has three children all born in the US; and the sum of the costs of childbirth for her last two children is amazingly less than the costs incurred during her first childbirth experience; despite enjoying the same services in all three childbirth experiences.

Founded by Iphie Adizue, Deluxe Childbirth Services was born out of her personal experience of the complexity and confusion related to giving birth in the US; an experience which instinctively triggered in her the need to create a platform that would:

•    Protect other expectant parents from ever undergoing such an emotional experience without the right guidance;

•    Answer the many questions expectant parents have about giving birth in USA the RIGHT way; and most importantly

•    Show these parents that childbirth in the US can be far more affordable than expected.

The firm started full operations in February 2012; and by the end of its first year, it had already recorded 20 babies born in the US including a set of twins…all at excellent facilities and within affordable costs!

Our goal is still as simple as it was at launch!

We want to help you give birth to your baby in the US. Or more explicitly, we want to help you give birth in the USA at a location that suits you, at a facility you can trust; and most importantly, at a price you are comfortable with……irrespective of if you have where to stay in the USA or not.

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